Your leadership : Our future - BP Upstream film

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4 leaders - 4 stories...filmed in England, Scotland, Trinidad and Alaska.

The film has had a huge impact at BP and on the awards circuit:

Silver and Bronze winner at the 2019 New York International Film & Television Festival; winner of 4 EVCOM Awards in 2018; 2 golds, a silver, bronze - and a highly commended.

The BP Upstream leadership programme sets out to enable a behavioural shift and facilitate change amongst leaders; that will engender accountability and a more open and inclusive culture to energise our people and motivate their teams - encouraging an entrepreneurial spirit.

The brief for the film was to create a ‘wow’ impact amongst this audience. A film that could inspire, have an edge, engage emotionally, move people and show we are changing.

Tim Langford is an award winning freelance writer, tv director and corporate film-maker;  with a reputation for visionary and innovative story telling techniques, flair and ideas. He's pragmatic, imaginative and client friendly.