TLC Care charity Stroke Project film

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Producer/Director; Winner of an IVCA (now EVCOM) Bronze Award in the category Charity/Welfare.

The story behind the film...At a New Years party, slightly the worse for wear, I literally bumped into a fella called Phil who, between gulps of wine, told me he worked for a charity that worked with stroke survivors in London. They needed to raise money and by the second bottle I had promised 'on my life' to make a film that would help them do just that. It took a long while but here it is: produced, directed and written by Tim Langford of tlcreative on behalf of the London based charity TLC Care. A film about stroke and how the charity provides a lifeline of support to survivors. The film is narrated by three people who have all received care from the Stroke Project. It was produced by means of the generous free services given by crew, facilities and the film's editor.