'This is a film about Sidra...' Corporate film commissioned by the Sidra medical facility in Qatar.

Commissioned by Sidra in Qatar and made by Resolution Films: I was working as their Creative Director and it was the first sizeable project I directed for the company. Sidra (the client) is set to become one of the largest medical research developments in the world. The organisation wanted a film that would help with a worldwide recruitment drive as they gear up to staff the expanding institution. They asked for a film that would tell a story about life in Qatar from the point of view of ex-pat's with a medical background. We found 3 families willing to take part and the task then was to weave together their stories and create parallel narratives that would bounce off each other. 'This is a film about Sidra' were the opening words uttered by the Erskine's young son at the beginning of the film. The film had a huge impact via the social networks out there.