Painting Myself Brave - the story of Alison Chandler

Charity/ngo films

Painting Myself Brave is a short, elegiac like film that gives expression to Alison Chandler's experience of a life threatening illness and how she found salvation through her painting. The film is intended to support her campaign - The Way Through Project.

Winner of the 2019 Best Documentary Short award at One-Reelers in Los Angeles; the 2018 EVCOM Silver award for Excellence in Charity/Not-for-Profit; and shortlisted for Best Documentary at the EVCOM awards.

One Reelers award here

Told in her own words - mixing narrative with magical realism, inspired by the landscape of Johnshaven.

The film owes alot to my two collaborators - Scottish cinematographer David Liddell and Keith Wright who edited the film.

I look for a compelling story and Alison’s (and her character) really resonated with me: Her spirit, her art and her eloquence. She was willing to bare her soul. And I think deep down
her experience of illness touched something raw within me in relation to my Mum and Dad.

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