Jessica's parkrun heroes for Sky tv : Katie Lee film

tv - short film & documentary

Barnsley born Katie Lee sent her own personal story to me and this became the focus for the narrative as she read it out. Dad David and daughter have a special bond through their shared experience of Katie's epilepsy. The approach to the story was all about finding a visual expression for it - hence the extended running sequence across Barnsley. The climax to the film was rather special and a surprise for Katie...

Series Overview
Produced for Sky TV, commissioned by clients Vitality and parkrun; Jessica’s parkrun heroes, presented by Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill, is a series of remarkable, moving and powerful personal stories of parkrunners which have been turned into 10 inspirational short films made around the UK. Prepare to be moved!

Tim Langford is an award winning freelance writer, tv director and corporate film-maker;  with a reputation for visionary and innovative story telling techniques, flair and ideas. He's pragmatic, imaginative and client friendly.