Jesscia's parkrun heroes for Sky TV

Every Saturday 5 million people take part in parkrun around the world. Amongst them are some remarkable people with extraordinary story's to tell; the result is 10 films I have directed, travelling the length and breadth of Britain (the budget didn't stretch to the world!), about 10 parkrunners who have faced challenges and adversity in their lives. Sponsored by health insurers Vitality, produced through Diagonal View and Sky TV who will screen the films from April 2019. Each film was an absolute pleasure to work on, the people I met renewed my faith in humanity and the work is some of the best I have ever done. It's been a journey - it's been a joy. Produced by Geoff Dibben, Exec produced by Adam Barnett of DV, edited by Keith Wright and David Ormston. It's been an interesting experience to tread the same path as one of my heroes from the past Robert Flaherty who had a career of making sponsored films. Now I know the pleasures and the pitfalls! And to think I didn't know what parkrun was until the 'phone rang one day and Geoff asked me if I would be interested ! It's rare to come across such compelling subjects.