Corporate internal film - the Maersk Oil Trailer

Corporate : internal comms films

This is a case of a dull brief that inspired a good film. Maersk Oil in Qatar needed to introduce all employees to their new revolutionary computer system - SAP (or MOUSE as they called it) and they needed to do it with a bang. Writer/director of a film made through Resolution Films in Qatar. Shot via the illustrious 5D (personally I hate it - from a directors pov) with local crew and post-production all via Resolution. The concept was to create the sense of an event around the date when the new system comes into force and to dramatise it in the form of a movie-like trailer; showing the positive changes and how it will connect up the entire company, from off-shore to the on-shore operation. Talent was provided by the employees themselves. The storyline revolves around the order of one item.