Celebrating our Volunteers: The Essence of Home-Start

Charity/ngo films

Home-Start film : producer/director of an International charity film made on a low to no budget involving five countries. Its primary objective was to celebrate their 20,000 volunteers. The film will be made available on their international partner websites and was the centre-piece at their November 2022 conference. Feedback and comments from CEO Kirpal Dhadda -

'Dear Tim - I just wanted to share with you how wonderful your video of HS Volunteers around the world went down with members at the conference.

The 5 participating partners loved what you had done with the materials they had provided.

The video has been shared with all members and I’ve had messages from so many colleagues congratulating us for the work. I truly believe this paves the way forward for more collaboration between our members on so many other projects.

I can’t thank you enough for your patients and professionalism in putting together a truly fabulous video that honours the work of our volunteers across the world.'

Very best wishes


Kirpal Dhadda


Home-Start Worldwide