'BP at it's best' Oman - Changing driver behaviour short film

Corporate : internal comms films

Released by BP as part of it's external strategy this was cut from the original internal BP At It's Best film that i made. Edited by Larry Catford; shot by DP Lawrence Blyth; producer Geoff Dibben; commissioned by BP Brand & Comms Manager Mark Rose. It tells the story of how BP is trying to create safer driving practices in a country that has some of the worst driving statistics in the world.. This BP project is led by Yaaqub and his colleague Salim. Wonderful, kind hosts. Salim started a running gag about finding me some apples in Oman. We never did discover them...Of all the many Middle Eastern countries i have visited over the years this is by far the nicest, most humble, humorous and likeable people I have met in that part of the world. Yaquub and Salim were the epitome of all those characteristics.