about tim langford - director

Tim is a freelance award* winning TV documentary & corporate film-maker with visionary & innovative story telling techniques, flair and ideas: He's pragmatic, imaginative & client friendly.

*Recent awards; my BP corporate film 'Your leadership, Our future' picked up  2 golds, 1 silver and 1 highly commended at EVCOM 2018:  Plus a silver and a bronze at the 2019 New York Festivals International TV & Film Awards; whilst my short documentary film Painting Myself Brave received a silver in the charity/Not-For-Profit category of the 2018 EVCOM Awards and won Best Documentary Short at the One-Reelers international short film festival held in LA.

“As a director and creative the DNA  of my work is to come up with bright ideas and turn those into films that engage, inspire, touch hearts and change minds...I’m a committed and passionate creative who gives sparkling value that speaks experience. Give me your communication problem, an issue, a cause, and I’ll solve it through creative thinking and the vision  of a director.”

Career overview -
Tim Langford freelance director, TV documentary & corporate film-maker -

He’s had a diverse career as a creative with a wealth of experience in corporate film, commercials, short film, promo’s, television documentary and marketing films. He started his career in the UK educational field, then worked as a producer/director making drama-documentary programmes for Channel 4, later as a director on a prime-time BBC fashion show; directed and produced films for the UK governments Central Office of Communications; became the first programme director hired by the forerunner of Al Jazeera - MBC, helping to create the look and feel of the groundbreaking Arab network. Over the last few years he’s directed several documentaries in the Middle East and two films about asylum seekers, found time to write an Indian movie and made many corporate films, and worked as a Creative Director for a production company in Qatar.