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tim langford : director

I'm a London based freelance filmmaker available for hire or to collaborate on a project. I work across corporate, commercials and broadcast TV (where I began my career). As a director/writer the DNA of my work is to come up with bright ideas and turn them into films that engage, inspire, touch hearts and change minds. I’m a committed and passionate creative who gives sparkling value that speaks experience. Give me your communication problem, an issue, or a cause, and I’ll solve it through creative thinking and the vision of a director. Call me or em me via the buttons below. I'm friendly and responsive, love briefs and a creative challenge. Call 07973 909741. Here's a selection of my work...

Welcome To Aspire

Produced via Resolution Productions in Qatar and commissioned by Aspire Zone Foundation as one introductory part of their employee induction course. The film needed to cover the 3 key areas of activity there - the sports academy, the facilities, and the zone. Aspire Zone is arguably the world's most impressive sports complex. In essence it's a simple piece of visual story telling which uses a caption style script to put across a message to the employee's.