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As a director/writer and creative the DNA of my work is to come up with bright ideas and turn those ideas into films that engage, inspire, touch hearts and change minds. I’m a committed and passionate creative who gives sparkling value that speaks experience. I work in London and the Middle East and I’ve accumulated a vast amount of experience making films for corporate communications clients; with ngo’s and in advertising. Give me your communication problem, an issue, a cause, and I’ll solve it through creative thinking and the vision of a director.

Contact - 07973 909741 International 00 44 7973 909741

ESPN Basket

The title of this spot, commissioned by espn, is a tad ironic given that I felt like a basket case by the end of the hectic shooting schedule. Concept, writer, director and producer of this and 2 others in the series design to market a new espn website. Made sometime ago now on a wee budget and I'm sure it shows! Features the comic-actor Ken Collard who is now finally getting the recognition he deserves.